Christmas pot

Christmas wreaths

It’s time for some Christmas wreaths and Christmas decorations! It’s just a few days until first Advent Sunday and today exactly only one month until Christmas Eve! As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been really busy at work. Except of info center, my job also is to help to the cultural part of our city hall which means for me help with organizations of events, preparing all the stuff for them, etc. This work kept me very busy already since September when new events came up. Last Saturday we had a last big one. This week already means some vacation for me and next Monday is my very last day at my current work = Mission accomplished!

Last days I was already full of the need to create something and today was the day D. I spent nearly all day with creating the Christmas decorations. After all, there came five pieces – three wreaths and two flower pots!

First I had to prepare all wreaths for next decorating. I thought it might be much better to make them myself instead of buying them. So I first went outside to get some branches from different kinds of trees.

Advent is also mostly the time of birthday of my grandmother. Mom asked me if I could make her one wreath as a present so after some shopping, I had enough of material to do even more. Next one was wreath which will hang inside of our house. The last wreath we will use for the main door outside of the house 🙂

I still had enough of the material left which I thought would be good to use too. I arranged it to the flowerpots to make something else also for my desk in my bedroom and the shelf in the kitchen. I loved them, and the one which was meant for outside was way too cute to leave it there so that we will keep it inside.

And what about you? 🙂 Are you already prepared for Christmas? 🙂

Door wreath

Door decoration

After a really busy schedule, I’m back with something special – a door decoration. Last two weeks we have been busy at work with preparing all stuff for one of the biggest events in our town. On the plan, we also had two weddings and one new exhibition. Also with my job schedule change, I’m too tired to try something again.

Today I felt that I have to create something new! At first, I thought I should make a little birthday card for one of my friends (this birthday card is almost the same as a card in one of my previous posts), and since the gluing gun was already hot I decided to make some beautiful decoration for the main door of our house.

It’s not a secret that autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I love the colors and all flowers which you can get during that time. I think it is one of the best times to collect and dry the flowers. Since we have a pretty big garden, it’s not a way too big problem to pick a few good ones and use them for some decorations later; I took all possible pieces I could find – alive or dry ones from my little storage in the attic.

One of my favorite summer/autumn flowers in our garden is a hydrangea. It’s a big bush which has pretty big groups of really simple flowers. Ours has mostly blue or purplish color. My colleague told me that she used hydrangea flowers for a wreath and I thought that it’s a very nice idea. Only I would decorate it even more. I didn’t hesitate and made my version.

I won’t describe every step at all because that is a project for another time. Instead, I will share a few pictures with you.


Lookout tower

Maybe some of you noticed on my Facebook page a drawing of a lookout tower which I covered with pencils. Actually, at that time I already had almost full tower done, but I didn’t want to spoil everything at once!

If you live in the Czech Republic or even in my area, you will for sure know this beautiful building! I have a big problem with drawing something new or exactly even finish drawings which I’ve ever started. Even now I had the same problem – I wanted to draw something, but I had totally no clue what!

Currently, I’m working in an info center in our town which seems to be a little bit inspiring to me. What else could someone who works in info center draw than something connected with work! Of course! Places which you recommend to the tourists who came to info center.

Still, when I was little I once drew this building but just as little sketch according to one of souvenir. I’ve always liked this building, and just recently I’ve thought about drawing some monuments in my surroundings, town or region.

Hopefully, you like it! I’ll try to be back with new drawing as soon as possible again 🙂

Birthday card brown

Birthday card

Hi over there!

It’s already been some time I started this blog and posted first Welcome post and now is the right time to post a new update about a birthday card which I made just recently. Of course, I couldn’t share it earlier in case the person who has to receive it sees it. I cannot spoil the surprise so easily! 🙂

I felt like making new card already for a while. Since my work makes me pretty busy and that means no time for doing something even though my job could seem to be inspiring.

Something over a week ago I went to the town to a store which is full of craft supplies, pencils, colors, papers, crayons, ribbons… ahh paradise! It had taken a while before I found the best pieces but I really wasn’t disappointed. As a bonus, I bought some new sketchbook which I will use a little bit later.

I took little half pearls, new creamy cards including envelopes, dark brown ribbon, brown paper from a big shot machine with some flower motive. Last but not least also some little decorations from white paper.

In fact, this card was my first scrapbook-like card. It’s far from real scrapbooking, but I like it. After gluing all front parts on their places I added ribbon and created a bow with some help of a gluing gun. I couldn’t decide if to hide the connected parts with an engraved paper butterfly or just pearl. After all, I decided for the pearl. It looked more elegant and simpler.

Below are some next pics. Hopefully, you like this card. Since I made two of them, there is one for sale. The other card already has its owner. In case you want to have this card don’t hesitate to contact me!