Summer beach

Last weeks were really hot here in the Netherlands. Even if there were a few colder days in between the temperature easily reached 30°C. During these days you are not so much able to do so much of stuff. Since we have no air conditioning, I was trying to find some coldest spots just to relax, solve some puzzles or simply do nothing but also created a Summer beach wreath.

My dad in law asked me to restore a wreath which was in his “outside living room” as we call it. I made it for him as a little decoration for the brick walls, and it looked really good. I thought that now is the best time to hang something with the summer theme to fit the hot days. Already recently, I brought some new empty wreaths, found some light orange and light blue organza and sea shells. I immediately knew what to do.

I asked my mom in law also if she could cut some anchor and rudder for me on the laser machine. As long as I collected all material I started to create. I tried to combine a sea with a beach full of sea shells. I pinned the blue organza in the shape of the waves which covered the sandy beach. Then it was very easy to add the last elements.

Last months I enjoyed creating this type of wreaths. I would love to create for sure still another one which will fit in between, but that will come in the future! For now, I’m busy with one of my projects what takes a lot of time, ordering stuff and collecting ideas. Hopefully, soon I will reveal more details! 🙂

Used material:
straw wreath
light blue organza
light orange organza
mix of sea shells
wooden anchor and rudder
blue and white “rope”


Spring wreath

Well… I can’t say if I can call it spring wreath. A few days we went with my mom in law for some little shopping. She wanted to get some extra torch in one of these “1€” shops and asked me if I wanted to go with her. First, we stopped to buy some new clothes. I still picked a t-shirt which was the same one which I already bought before. Recently on my Facebook and Instagram, I posted pictures of a t-shirt which I tried to make. It was for the first time I worked with the heat transfer vinyl and that I created my t-shirt. I also added a few of rhinestones to make the design complete. I fell in love with it, and now I’m already thinking hard what design to make as next since now I have a spare shirt.

After clothes shopping, we went to another store. We both are not big fans of shopping, so the time spent with shopping has to be worth it. We were going through the shelves, and I found some stuff which I definitely couldn’t leave in there! There were great plastic roses. I’m not much into plastic flowers, and I prefer living ones because in most of the cases they either look ugly, or you can see they’re fake. These roses reminded me a bit of a vintage style. In the corner of my eye, I saw a straw wreath, and I immediately knew what to do.

I moved to another country about ten months ago to start a new life in a brand new house. Exactly until now, we didn’t have a chance to decorate it, and I thought it’s time to do that. The wreath will hang in our home. I call it spring wreath. Maybe because the spring is here but I will keep it on the wall full year.

Used material:

straw wreath
plastic roses
corn leaves

New birthday card

New birthday card

Before Christmas, I prepared three prototypes of Christmas cards which I posted on my Facebook before. My grandparents both have birthdays in the time of Advent, so it was great timing to create some new birthday card design as well.

A few months ago, my mom in law showed me the pleasure of working with a plotter. She owns a Silhouette Cameo one which appears to be really easy to me to use. I never had any big troubles with graphic programs and their software is probably made for people of any computer skills level. It is so easy to use that I immediately fell in love.

Let me introduce you a new birthday card!

I thought something elegant might work the best. There came a motive with a butterfly with some flowers which I created the design in Silhouette software and later cut on Cameo machine. The final result was even better than I expected, so I put them also for sale. For now, I have only one card available, but there is no problem to make much more of them. I’m planning to create some other color variations as I did for grandparents.

I was focused on some business stuff last weeks. We were preparing huge innovation at the VadoDesign, and it took pretty much of time. I still managed to draw a bit, and soon my new sketch will be done. I also have new ideas, so I’m glad to be a little bit back on the track. My head is full of ideas which I’d like to make real, so I hope you will like them!

Upcoming weeks, I would like to expand my website a little bit more again. There are a few things still missing, but they will come pretty soon! Just stay tuned! 🙂